50 Negation and tense, aspect, and mood marking

This feature is described more fully in chapter 50.


Some APiCS languages do not allow the standard negator to co-occur with one or more tense, aspect, or mood markers. In some languages, the TAM marker is deleted, in other languages, the marker is replaced by another TAM marker, and in still other languages, the TAM marker is replaced by a special marker (or negator) which does not belong to the set of markers which occur in affirmative sentences.


Philippe Maurer and the APiCS Consortium


Same TAM marking in negated clauses47
Reduced TAM marking in negated clauses10
Different TAM marking in negated clauses9
Reduced and different TAM marking in negated clauses2
No TAM marker3

Language Value Lexifier Details Source
Id Primary text Analyzed text Gloss Translation Type Language Audio Details