Datapoint Creolese/Contact with other languages

English is the main language of influence. However, Creolese co-exists with 8 indigenous languages, with Bhojpuri, and Portuguese from a growing number of migrants from North-East Brazil who have settled both in the interior of the country and on the coast and in and around the capital city of Georgetown. There is a significant number of speakers of St. Lucian French-lexicon Creole present in pockets in the interior of the country.

While Creolese speakers who migrate to neighouring Suriname have an impact on the creoles of Suriname, the influence does not occur in the other direction. Creolese, however, is in contact with Jamaican Creole through the popular culture of music. Thus, words which are Jamaican Creole in origin have been finding their way into Creolese speech.


The main lexifier language

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