61 Order of recipient and theme in ditransitive constructions

This feature is described more fully in chapter 61.


This feature primarily concerns the ordering of the recipient and the theme objects of a ditransitive construction, i.e. a construction involving a verb of physical transfer of possession or mental transfer of experience ('give', 'show'). Only full noun phrases are taken into account, as pronouns often show differnt behaviour. The position of the objects with respect to the subject and the verb is also taken into account, although this is analogous to the order in monotransitive clauses.


Martin Haspelmath and the APiCS Consortium


Subject – verb – recipient – theme233962
Subject – verb – theme – recipient63945
Subject – theme – recipient – verb055
Subject – recipient – theme – verb268
Verb-initial recipient – theme033
Verb-initial theme – recipient145
Other recipient – theme033
Other theme – recipient022

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