Datapoint Michif/ɛ̃ - nasalized lower mid front unrounded vowel

The status of this vowel in Michif is controversial (cf. Rhodes 2009, Rosen 2007). Rosen transcribes it as /ɛ̃/ and Rhodes as /æ̃/. There is probably no phonemic contrast between nasals /ɛ̃/ and /æ̃/ in Michif.
In French words, it is found in initial, medial and final position: aen 'a' (masculine), praentaan 'spring', baen 'well'.
Nasal vowels tend to be somewhat longer than plain vowels.
For most speakers /ɛ̃/ is not a phoneme in the Cree-origin part of Michif. Some speakers, however, sometimes clearly nasalize the embedding prefix ee- and pronounce it as /ɛ̃/ and /æ̃/ : een-atushkeeyaan 'when I work'.


Exists (as a major allophone)

Example 75-328:
fwen - en-waapamaat
grass - when she sees him