Datapoint Michif/g - voiced velar plosive

For the phoneme /g/, one can argue that the Cree and French components behave differently. For the French elements, it is part of the normal phoneme inventory, and appears initially, medially (grenn 'berry', digutii 'strained', zong 'nail').
For Cree elements, it is only found in specific environments:
(1) initially in verbs. Here a verb starting in /k/ has merged with the prefix ni- into g-, as in gikishkeemaw 'I know her', from the verb kikishkeem- 'know him/her/them'. (ni-ki- > gi-)
(2) Two tense prefixes (kii- [PST], ka- [FUT]) are similarly affected, as in giiwaapamaaw 'I saw him' (gii < ni-kii-).


Exists (as a major allophone)

Example 75-305:
dzhig - gipaham
jig - I close it