Datapoint Michif/t͡ʃ - voiceless palato-alveolar sibilant affricate

This phoneme is found in Michif, even though it is present in neither French nor Michif. In Plains Cree, the equivalent phoneme is /ts/, and for the French component it is historically derived from /t/ that is palatalized before hight front vowels (Rhodes 2009: 436).
This phoneme can be found in initial position (cheuk 'cap', French tuque; chi-apihk 'to be sitting', Plains Cree kita-apihk) and medial position (baechis 'John' French Jean-Baptiste, aachimow 'he tells a story', Plains Cree âcimôw). It is rare in final position, and is only found word-finally in words of Cree origin: wiihkach 'never'.


Exists (as a major allophone)

Example 75-307:
michif - maachii
Metis - hunt!