Datapoint Singapore Bazaar Malay/d - voiced dental/alveolar plosive

The distribution of the voiced alveolar stop /d/ is limited to
initial and medial positions. Note that elderly Bazaar Malay speakers (either Chinese or Indian) and middle-aged informants who have had constant contact with old people in their working environment tend to substitute the homorganic segment /l/ for /d/ in non-final positions of Bazaar Malay words:
dapat [da.pat]/[la.pat] 'get'
ada [a.da]/[] 'have'
sudah [su.da]/[] 'already'
If it occurs in the final position of loan words, it is pronounced like /t/: murid [mu.rit] 'student'.


Exists (as a major allophone)

Example 67-244:
dapat/lapat; ada/ala; suda/sula
get; exist; already