Datapoint Singapore Bazaar Malay/The segment [h]

In the Standard Malay writing system, the letter can occur in all word positions. However, for Bazaar Malay speakers, the glottal fricative /h/ as a phoneme does not occur in all positions. As in other non-Standard Malay varieties, Bazaar Malay speakers tend to not pronounce this glottal fricative, especially when the orthographic occurs word-initially or word-finally, although some of them are aware of the presence of in the writing system (see also Pakir 1986: 55; Zaharani 1991: 28):
hantu [han.tu]/[an.tu] 'ghost'
hilang [hi.laŋ]/[i.laŋ] 'lose'
mahu []/[ma.u]/[mao] 'want'
mahal [ma.hal]/[]/[ma.a] 'expensive'
lebih [] 'more'
putih [pu.te] 'white'


[h] exists as a major allophone

Example 67-250:
hantu; mahal; lebeh
ghost; expensive; more