Datapoint Santome/g͡b - voiced labial-velar plosive

The voiced labial-velar plosive exists in a very restricted set of items. These items are probably not loanwords but rather vestiges of a Niger Delta related phoneme that existed in this language and still exists in closely related Principense (gbêgbê, for instance, corresponds to Principense igbêgbê). Items that arguably have a /kp/ or /gb/ in their etymology typically exhibit /kw/ and /bw/ in Santome (e.g. Èdó ogba 'fence' > Santome ubwa 'fence'; Èdó ukpakõ 'chewstick' > Santome kwaku 'traditional tootbrush').


Does not exist

Example 35-303:
gbagbô; gbêgbê
carapace of fish sp.; snail