Datapoint Early Sranan/Domains of use: literature

The Sranan instruction manual that was written and published by G. C. Weygandt in Paramaribo in 1798 clearly has literary aspirations as it includes a Sranan version of a well-known Dutch poem by P. F. Roos (van den Berg 2007). But a better example of a literary work may be Hendrik van Schouten's poem '‘Een huishoudelyke twist’. It is a dialogue between a (European) man and a woman (of African descent), that is written in Dutch and Sranan in an A-B-A-B rhyme scheme. While the man directs his speech in Dutch to the woman, she replies in Sranan. The author Hendrik van Schouten was a member of the literary society 'De Surinaamsche Lettervrinden' (1785-1795).