79 Going to named places

This feature is described more fully in chapter 79.


This is the first of several features investigating intransitive and transitive motion constructions. In the present feature, we study the different means to express the action of going to named places, as in English She went to Leipzig. Here the named place, Leipzig (the goal), is preceded by the preposition to which expresses a particular orientation. We call this orientation 'motion-to' in the relevant APiCS features, as opposed to 'motion-from' and 'at-rest' orientations. As we can see, different languages use different means to express orientation in directed motion events.

We restrict ourselves to goals which are named places, e.g. names of villages, cities, or countries (for the highly frequent goal/source 'market', see Feature 81 on motion-to and motion-from) because in many languages different kinds of goals are expressed in different ways.


Susanne Maria Michaelis and the APiCS Consortium


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Serial verb plus preposition11011

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