68 Experiencer constructions with ‘fear’

This feature is described more fully in chapter 68.


This feature deals with experiencer constructions corresponding to English The child is afraid, which may involve three semantic entities: the experiencer ('the child'), the sensation ('fear'), and the "body-part" ('my heart/my soul'). We ask which entity is expressed in the subject position, whether we are dealing with a verbal/non-verbal or transitive/intransitive construction, and whether the experiencer is subject, object, dative, or oblique. We disregard 'fear' constructions in which the stimulus is expressed overtly, i.e. we are looking at 'The child is afraid', but not at 'The child is afraid of the dog.'


Susanne Maria Michaelis and the APiCS Consortium


Experiencer is subject, 'fear' is verbal352055
Experiencer is subject, 'fear' is non-verbal111728
'Fear' is subject, experiencer is object01010
Experiencer is dative123
'Fear' is subject, experiencer is oblique011
Body-part is subject066

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