56 The prohibitive

This feature is described more fully in chapter 56.


This feature deals with the prohibitive and is based on WALS feature 71, by Johan van der Auwera & Ludo Lejeune (with Valentin Goussev). The prohibitive is the negated counterpart of the affirmative imperative, as in Papiamentu No bai! ‘Don't go!’. Only the singular prohibitive is considered here.

Prohibitives often have special negators that are not used in declaratives, e.g. Tok Pisin maski 'don't!'.

They may also use a special imperative construction that is not used with affirmative imperatives, e.g. Pichi mek yù no laf [19-104] 'Don't laugh!' (using the special imperative/subjunctive marker mek).


Philippe Maurer and the APiCS Consortium


Normal imperative construction and normal negator45752
Normal imperative construction and special negator13417
Special imperative construction and normal negator8210
Special imperative construction and special negator112

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