53 Aspect change in verb chains

This feature is described more fully in chapter 53.


Aspect change in verb chains concerns the possibility of marking the second verb in a chain for imperfective aspect (usually with a progressive function) in spite of the fact that the first verb in the chain is marked – or zero-marked, as in many creoles – for perfective aspect. In these cases, the first verb refers to a story-line event, and the second verb refers to a backgrounded event.

Note that in this context, verb chain is understood as being similar to serial verb constructions (absence of overt marker of coordination, subor¬di¬nation, or syntactic dependency of any sort); but, in contrast to serial verb constructions, verb chains refer to two (or more) consecutive actions whereby the second verb does not modify the other verb in any way.


Philippe Maurer and the APiCS Consortium


Aspect change in verb chains is possible17
Aspect change in verb chains is not possible24
Verb chaining does not exist25

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