34 Adnominal distributive numerals

This feature is described more fully in chapter 34.


This feature (closely related to WALS feature 54, by David Gil) considers adnominal distributive numerals. Distributive numerals are special numerals that express distributive relations as in German Die Männer trugen je drei Koffer. ‘The men carried three suitcases each.’ English lacks distributive numerals, because in a sentence like They carried three suitcases each, the numeral does not form a continuous constituent with the distributive word each, i.e. three...each does not qualify as a numeral. In the APiCS languages, they are often marked by reduplication, e.g. Principense dôsu dôsu 'two each'.


Philippe Maurer and the APiCS Consortium


Distributivity marked by reduplication20020
No special adjacent distributive numerals50050

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